Tuesday, February 23, 2010


so like i said i was on the forever21 website and while browsing I found some finds. I can't wait till spring arrives. GO AWAY WINTER!!!

Delectable Lace Tier Top


Metallic Lace Leggings


I absolutely love this cardigan it jus screams Spring


Reto Twist Cardigan


Tux Pefection Top

Striped Skirt with Belt


Sweetie Ankle Boots


Modern Patent Leather Oxfords


Open Toe Oxford Boots


Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Remove Formatting from selectionsoooo i was thinkin about partnering with my cousin sonia. She is a chica who has amazing style not tryna say its better then mines but its up there:) She loves fashion as well so if I'm not able to post anything then she for sure can. We both have similar style which is more vintage inspired meets modern so welcome sonia do me proud.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


ANNA SUI like Alexander Mcqueen, Alexander Wang, Versace, Marchesa and Jeremy Scott is one of my favourite designers. No surprise her FALL 2010 collection was full of patterns and print. One thing that Anna does amazingly is that she can put two complete prints together without making it clash it all unifies together to make an amazing outfit. We have heard from Anna herself that she gets alot of inspiration from her favourite show Gossip Girl, in this collection there was a hint of Gossip Girl mixed with boho and even a bit of pine. There was alot of brown and deep reds. The collection was full of leather accessories, patterned tights and fur. I give ANNA SUI'S FALL 2010 RTW COLLECTION a A++.


JEREMY SCOTT'S 2010 RTW fashion show was amazing. My favourite colour is black and I loved the way he used the black leather for this collection. At the same time he incorporated a splash of colour into the collection. My favourite piece in this collection would have to be the corseted print dress which really does remind me of a stained glass window maybe that's where he got the inspiration. The over the knee boots are to die for because he didn't only have leather over the knee boots but added embellishments to them too. All in all I give JEREMY'S SCOTT FALL 2010 RTW COLLECTION a A+.


this year has started off really really hectic for me and I've hadn't had time to post anything. I know I've been missed but i hope i can atleast have two posts up each week. So we all know about the passing of Alexander Mcqueen when I first got the news I was in shock I didn't believe the news. He was one of my favourite designers he wasn't like everyone else his designs were beyond imagination. His designs were worn by everyone including Lady Gaga. I don't know its really really sad :(
R.I.P. alexander mcqueen